'My meditation weekend with Len Silverston exceeded all expectations. Len's mastery and patience helped me learn about meditation and about myself. Excellent weekend overall. Good agenda, wonderful people, amazing food. The direct experience was helpful, and the weekend gave me a lot to think about.'

Michael Potts, Executive Chairman, AXIOM 


'Excellent program put on by Zen with Len. The serene surroundings was the perfect backdrop for the meditation, yoga and qi gong exercises. Very impressive how effectively and unobtrusively the schedule was maintained. Len was able to keep everyone mindful throughout the weekend. Thank you!'

Theresa Leider, Global Property Specialist Associate Broker, Keller Williams

'I definitely felt a shift - grounded and present - after the 3 day silent meditation retreat offered by Len. The combination of meditation, yoga and Qi gong was superb. It was a wonderful experience.' 
Gail Chodera, Yoga instructor and massage therapist

'The last retreat was exquisite. I am a big fan of Len and his gift of being a genuinely loving human being! His deep and broad knowledge of meditation practices from across multiple spiritual domains bring a supportive space that encourages me to find comfort in choosing my path of existence. Inevitably, I always leave Len's events feeling connected, more aware of what I don’t know and a smile on my face remembering not to take myself too seriously.' 
Cec Ortiz, former deputy director, City & County of Denver 


'My experience of the last retreat was moving, enlightening, and one that I would recommend to anyone looking for peace and connectedness in their lives. The Retreat was well organized and purposefully presented. The location was exquiste. The logistics were terrific and the food could not have been better.'

Peter Leider, President, DREN LLC


'The experience provided space for me to be quiet. And, as much as I set the intention to do this myself daily it somehow get's lost. This retreat had this focus, and it supported my practice. I also appreciated the integration of the Physical mindfulness parts of the retreat.'
Victoria Quintana, President of Istonish, Inc.


'The weekend taught me to be be mindful of the moments not merely travel through them.How to breath not just take in air.'

Robin Taggart


'The session was friendly to both beginners and advanced students!'

Preston Mann, Inventor/president, Double Doggie

Spiritual Coaching Testimonials













"Len Silverston is an expert in personal coaching. I have been working with Len for over 25 years. He has such a wide and varied array of tools at his disposal due to all the different trainings he has undergone. When I am in a personal crisis, Len is my 'Go To Man'!!!"

-Phil Garber, suicide prevention professional and Founder of Creative Communications Builders


“My life has been fuller and more joyful because of the work I have done with Len Silverton.  Len combines business acumen with a deep sense of spirituality.  Working with him has given me greater clarity about my purpose and spirituality. He has given me the tools and inspired me to put my values, work and life in alignment.  The results are a more joyful and meaningful life!”

-Peter G Leider, DREN LLC


"Working with Len has helped me to feel more integrated, inspired, and awakened to the present moment. Thanks, Len, for helping me to feel connected to my most authentic self."

-Shelsea Ochoa, Experiential Learning Specialist


“Len's guidance in meditation, voice dialogue and the Demartini techniques is a gentle, loving, and profound way to explore self-awareness. Working with Len gives me exceptional insight to all aspects of myself and allows me to experience the greater whole that is my deepest, truest self.  I always come away from each session feeling centered and present.”
-Gail Chodera, Yoga instructor and massage therapist


"Recently, I participated in the 'Illusion of Loss' workshop with Len Silverston. I found the experience extremely positive and helpful. Len is a gifted and enthusiastic presenter. He is non-threatening in his approach. The subject matter focused on material designed to help folks travel through limited perceptions regarding events in their life. I found the experience a welcome affirmation on how we choose to see our world, especially in times that are challenging. I would reccommend Len as an individual dedicated to strengthening the awesome beauty that is already inside of us."

-Reverend Rob White 



The following provide both retreat and coaching testimonials.

Retreat Testimonials

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