Meditation Classes

Our next meditation class/sit will be:

Tuesday, Mar 10, 2020  from 7-8:30pm  (4596 MacArthur Drive, Boulder, CO 80303) - Social gathering afterwards from 8:30-9:30pm.


This talk and meditation class will be on '6 Ways to Transform Negative Thinking'

Come learn and practice 6 powerful ways to transform negative thinking.

In this session, Len will provide an overview of 6 different techniques to transform negative thinking. Namely:

- Mondo Zen® - A way to intervene with awareness.

- Collapse process - A way to reduce negative charges.

- Voice dialogue - A way to give voice to these thoughts and feelings and allow them to exist in a healthy way without dominating our lives.

- Inquiry - A way to see what is really going on with these negative thoughts and once we do so, they tend to dissolve.

- Gratitude practice - A way to focus on gratitude which displaces negative thoughts.

- Trauma energetics - A way to understand the energy behind these thoughts and dissolve them.

Please RSVP to if interested.

Donations ('dana') are welcome (we suggest $10 but any amount is appreciated) and please consider bringing some food or drink for the community gathering after 8:30pm.

Please arrive 10 minutes before if you can, but the door will be open if you arrive later.

Afterwards, we have a social gathering. The group is led by Zen priest Kensho Len Silverston and is designed for self development, enjoyment, relaxation, practice, and practical application to life.

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