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Weekly Meditation, Check In, and Inspiring Talk

Join us in meditation practice, discussion, and an inspiring talk about how we can live well.


Offered every Monday from 4:30-5:30pmMST. Get the Zoom link by just emailing and/or contacting us using the form below.


This session has the following format:

- Brief welcome

- 30-minute meditation sit - brief instructions may be shared and then we will all sit silently together as a community online.

- Check-in: Each person may say their name, where they are from, and either how they feel and/or a brief insight, question, or comment that would like to share.

- Sharing/learning - Kensho will share an inspiring message regarding Zen, meditation and/or life learning and there will often be a discussion on the topic. 

- Closing 


To Join Weekly Meditation, Contact Us

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