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Online Meditation and Class

Every First Wednesday of the month, Kensho Len Silverston offers a free online community meditation session and class on Zen, meditation techniques and/or life learning from 6-7pmMST

"Applying Meditation to Enrich Life"

Mar 6, 2024, 6-7pmMST

Meditation is useless if it is not applied to everyday life!


Yet, if we skillfully apply meditation to life, we help make the most of our lives.


Therefore, this session will share  3 meditation techniques with guidance and explain how we can practically apply each technique to our lives. 

There will be stories, discussion, explanation, and guided meditation instructions, making this  a practical and enjoyable experience. 

Please RSVP by providing the below information if you would like to attend the this event and then you will receive the Zoom link for the event:

Mar 6th Meditation Application Webinar Registration

Thanks for Registering!

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