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Mindfulness/Meditation Classes for the Corporate World

Would you like to further develop wellness at work as well as hone your personal skills towards making a dramatic positive difference at work and other areas of your life?

Would you like to move towards more peace and contentment?

Mindfulness and meditation have been proven by many studies, research, and experiences, to provide one of the most powerful methods of personal development and can have significant positive effects in all aspects of life including work, family, social, financial, and health.

It can help:

  • Be more effective and productive at work

  • Reduce stress

  • Provide greater contributions

  • Find more meaning and fulfillment in your work and in life

  • Reduce pain and help deal with difficulties

  • Overcome obstacles

  • Deepen relationships

  • Free your mind

Various companies have sponsored Kensho Len Silverston, Zen priest and spiritual leader to conduct mindfulness/meditation classes. The classes can be custom-tailored, however, usually, the classes will cover:

  • Meditation instructions including the what, why and hows

  • Moving meditation with the ancient art of Qigong

  • Sitting meditation session where you can practice meditation

  • Application of meditation with practical tools to use at work and other areas of life

Come, take advantage of this gift, and give yourself this present.


Mindfulness Class Feedback from Corporate Classes

“Great Class. I loved how we can learn to listen to others through meditation by practicing and listening to others for a minute. Everything was great.”

“I really enjoyed the class. I had never done a guided meditation and didn’t know what to expect. I felt much for focused after the class.”

“Fantastic introduction to meditation. Truly appreciate the insight”

“Len was a great teacher and session leader, the activities were great.”

“All of it worked for me. I think the sequencing of sitting first followed by movement and then listening was really powerful. I also found Len’s guidance thru the process very helpful”

“I would definitely like to do something like this again. I thought it was helpful and productive”


Concentration Meditation Class

Learn how to improve your concentration level and be more productive!



This 1-hour class will be well worth your time and can lead to many benefits:

Reduce stress

  • Improve productivity

  • Help with relationships

  • Increase health

  • Help work be more fulfilling


The class will have 4 parts:

  • Instruction on powerful concentration meditation practice

  • Practice meditation on concentration

  • Moving concentration practice

  • Exercise practically applying this concentration at work

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