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Weekly Meditation and Talk


Corporate Mindfulness Training



How 'Zen With Len' Helps​


Zen With Len offers services to help: 

- Love what you do in life, and do what you love

- Live more peacefully

- Have less pain/suffering

- Have more fun

- Make more of a contribution and be of greater service

- Expand your business and career

- Have more financial abundance and freedom

- Less with less depression

- Live with a more vibrant and beautiful body

- Live with greater health

- Have more energy

- Have a clearer mind

- Have deeper more satisfying relationships

- Be more relaxed

- Live longer

What Are The Services Offered By Zen With Len?

Spiritual and Life Coaching

If you or someone you know is seeking clarity, possibly feeling lost, or desiring to feel inspired about life, Kensho Len offers spiritual and life coaching sessions that can help. These sessions implore many different techniques and tools to enable you to reach whatever goal that you set for these sessions.

Please click here for more information.

Weekly Online Meditation and Talk 

Len offers weekly Meditation sits including a talk and a check in from participants

Please click here for more information.

Mindfulness Retreats

We offer mindfulness retreats several times per year that include meditation, yoga, Qigong, transformational workshops, gourmet, healthy food, and a beautiful environment.

Please click here for more information.

Videos, Audios, Articles

Kensho Len has also made some of his writings, interviews, and videos available for free on this website. Subscribe to Zen with Len’s Youtube channel to find interviews, reflections, and words of wisdom from Kensho Len. Please select videos, audios, or articles for more information.

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