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Audios: Guided Meditations and Accountability Log

Zen Business Podcast - Episode #16 - How a highly successful data analyst learned to quiet his mind and find flow- May 30th, 2018

Life Love and Dogs 18 Zen With Len- Bruce Cameron

FREE Online Recorded Meditations via 'Mind Arrive' that you can use and track meditation progress. Click here.

There are currently 4 different meditation audios available on this site:

- Loving-kindness guided meditation

- Concentration guided meditation

- Inquiry guided meditation

- Overcoming depression guided meditation

You can register on Mantracoach for free and there are many benefits:


- Have access to free guided meditations

- Track your time and progress with complete logs of your meditation sessions

- Use the affirmations on Mantracoach, which will show up before the meditation

- Create your own affirmations to use with your meditation 

Email Len to find out about our programs

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