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Where I go, matters less than where I come from'

A Poem By Kensho Len Silverston
Written Sept, 2009 during a 10 day Wilderness Fast Retreat


It matters less which direction I head,
Or even where I start,
What matters more is that the path I choose,
I follow with all my heart.


It matters less what direction I journey,
If its north, south, east or west,
What matters more is that I walk strong and tall,
And do my absolute best.


It matters less which site I pick,
And whether it suits my so called “needs” ,
What matters more is that I fully appreciate,
All of its qualities.


It matters less if it rains or shines,
Or if it’s overcast,
What matters more is that I be with what is,
Cause whatever it is won’t last.


It matters less in relationships,
If I confront or just let go,
What matters more is that I come from who I truly am,
And let my love and authenticity show.


It matters less to prove anything to anyone,
Or whether I accomplish or succeed,
What matters more is that I love myself,
Enjoy, and serve those that are in need.


It matters less to try to change,
Anything outside of me,
What matters to really be the change,
That I truly want to see.


It matters less in my vocation,
If I’m a Zen priest or a database guru,
What matters more that I follow spirit,
In whatever I choose to do. 


It matters less that I have a precise direction,
Or know exactly where to go,
What matters more that I’m perfectly fine,
Even if I just don’t know.

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