Weekly Community Meditation

We're taking a break from the weekly sits for while and will continue them starting Feb 18, 2020.

Starting then, on WEDNESDAYs from 7-8am, we have a silent, group meditation 

VIA WEBMEETING https://zoom.us/j/7474858092

This is a sitting and moving meditation gathering that allows participants to practice in a loving conscious community.

Qigong is a moving meditation and the words literally mean means ‘to cultivate (gong) chi (qi)’ in Chinese.

No RSVP is needed and this time will just be reserved every Wednesday morning throughout the year, unless notice is given on this site that the community sit will not be held.


The format for this gathering will be 20 minutes of meditation, then 20 minutes of Qigong, then 20 minute of meditation again. 

These gathering will generally led by Kensho Len Silverston.


This meditation gathering via a Zoom site provides a convenient connection and support vehicle for your practice, and if you choose the video option, you can see us and vice versa.


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